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Get Business Qualified in 12 Weeks

All aspects of the sports management industry require management professionals with skills to oversee the performance of teams, optimise operations and maximise a company’s potential for profit.

The Undergraduate Certificate of Sport Management (High Performance) has been designed to give you a recognised business qualification in a flexible, student-centred and academically rigorous course of study which focuses the exciting world of sports.

If you are already working in the sports industry or hoping to break into this competitive industry, the Undergraduate Certificate of Sport Management (High Performance) will not only help you to up-skill quickly but will also give your area of interest formal recognition in the workplace. You could also choose to use your certificate qualification to fast-track further tertiary studies, such as a Diploma of Sport Management (High Performance) or an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), if you wish.

This course aims to provide students with introductory knowledge, competencies and values necessary for a fulfilling career in the sports sector of business. The subjects which form part of this qualification will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals of business and will equip you with skills needed to make an immediate contribution to the multi-billion dollar sports industry.

All ISCA students are part of the ICMS student community, with lectures held at our ICMS City Campus, subject to availability. ISCA students receive dedicated academic support, including study skills.
Now also online!


What you will learn

  • Develop technical and theoretical sports business knowledge and concepts
  • Identify appropriate sources of data for problem solving in the global sports industry context
  • Describe solutions to routine sports business situations
  • Present project findings in both written and personal presentation forms to diverse audiences in the sports industry
  • Apply technical business knowledge to a range of sports industry contexts

Future Career Opportunities

The Certificate of Sport Management (High Performance) will provide students with transferable skills, industry experience and in-depth knowledge of business practices, positioning them for potential careers such as the following:

  • Player or Team Assistant
  • Sports Marketing Assistant
  • Facilities Coordinator
  • Merchandising Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant

Quick Facts

Course Name Undergraduate Certificate of
Sport Management (High Performance)
CRICOS Code n/a
Subjects 4
Accreditation Status Active
AQF Level 5
Duration 12 weeks (or part-time equivalent)
Study Mode Online
Start Feb, May, Sep
Annual Indicative Student Enrolments n/a (new course)
Entry Requirements Domestic Students
This course is not available
to international students.

Course Structure

Credit Points Subject Type Subject Code Subject Name
3 CORE SPO130 High Performance I
3 CORE SPO120 Sport Psychology, Health & Wellbeing
3 CORE SPO101A Sports Management Fundamentals
3 CORE MKT101A Marketing

Tuition Fees

(Domestic students):

Course Tuition Fee Duration Tot. tuition fee
Undergraduate Certificate of Sport Management (High Performance) $3,075 per subject 12 Weeks $11,800

Attendance Policy

For the attendance policy please see the hand book.

Entry Requirements

Domestic students. This course is not available to international students.

Sample Subjects

Marketing (MKT101A)
Marketing has changed significantly over the past decades from traditional to contemporary marketing. While traditional marketing is still relevant today to some, many more businesses are reaping greater profits using contemporary marketing strategies.

This subject will expose students to a range of contemporary marketing strategies including database marketing, relationship marketing, interaction marketing, networking marketing, customer engagement using co-creation marketing strategies, and marketing ethics. The aforementioned principles of marketing are demonstrated using situations that students will encounter in their professional practice of marketing.

Sports Management Fundamentals (SPO101A)
Sport Management Fundamentals enables you to recognise key aspects of the business of sport and to how it differentiates itself from other industries. The subject looks at internal aspects of sporting organisations such as strategic sport management, marketing, human resource and financial management and future sport management challenges.
Sport Management Fundamentals also looks at external factors such as professional sport, digital media, not for profit and organisational structures, governance and the role of the state, including the influence of politics in the business of sport. All topics draw on Australian and international case studies, with contemporary examples utilised to help support theory.

Furnishing you with a solid understanding of the global sport marketplace, the subject provides insights into those areas of sport management vital for a successful career in this most exciting of industries.