ISCA is a perfect fusion of high performance training coupled with sports business principles

If you’re passionate about your training and want to gain a qualification in the sports industry, the Diploma of Sports Management (High Performance) is a perfect fusion of high performance training coupled with sports business principles. This innovative program will give you an opportunity to turn your love of the game into a comprehensive understanding of the professional global sports industry. It offers a unique opportunity for students who are looking to stay in their sport while starting their higher education. View the full course structure.

Students choose from a combination of business, sports management and high performance subjects with the option to undertake an elective in sports management in trimester three. Career opportunities include sports media, player management, sponsorship and marketing, sports administration, operations management, sports facilities management.

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The Diploma of Sports Management (High Performance) offers you a stand-alone qualification through the International Sport College Australia (ISCA) or, should you wish to further your studies, you could choose to use your diploma qualification as a pathway into a bachelor program at ICMS, with completed specialisations and subjects counting towards your degree.

All students are an integrated part of the greater ICMS student community. Lectures and practicals are held at our Narrabeen campus and Sydney City Campus .

ISCA offers invaluable industry placement opportunities to students to give them real-life experiences at leading sports organisations. This allows students to develop a greater understanding of what working in the sports industry is all about and means that after your diploma you’ll have work experience on your CV, a network of contacts and a significant advantage over other job seekers.

Our vision is to become an Australian-leader in sports education, high performance sports programs & professional and career development.

ISCA Management

The ISCA team of experienced and professional coaches, lecturers and mentors are primed to take your athletic and academic development to new heights, utilising the latest sport science methods, guest speakers and innovative case studies from the global sports industry. The course curriculum has been constructed by sports experts to meet the requirements of the modern sports industry.

Course Structure


Level Code Subject Credit
 100 MGT101 Managing People and Organisations 3
100 SPO110 Introduction to Sport Management 3
100 SPO130 High Performance I 3
100 MKT100 Principles of Marketing 3
100 SPO120 Sports Psychology, Health and Wellbeing 3
100 SPO140 High Performance 2 3
100 ECO150 Economics for Sport 3
100 SPO150 High Performance 3 3
200 IND203 Industry Training [DSMHP] 2
ELECTIVES (Choose one) Offered only in trimester three
100 THE101A Introduction to Tourism, Hospitality and Events 3
100 MGT102A Global Citizenship 3
100 SPO102A Soci-Cultural Factors in Sport 3

Our Official Sport Education Partners 

Our valued sport industry partnerships assist our staff in assembling the most relevant and up-to-date case studies designed to give our students knowledge of current practices within the Australian and overseas sport markets.

Our Values


We are committed to operate with trust and integrity with each other, our stakeholders and the community.


We listen to our students, staff and the broader community and communicate in an effectivent and respectful manner.


We recognise the superior strength and efficiencies of good team work.


We are a can-do organisation which strives for best practice through innovation and a willingness to embrace change.

Governance and Leadership

Our program is expertly driven by a strong Board of Advice who not only boast outstanding academic and professional credentials but also an impeccable knowledge of the sports industry. This leadership allows the ISCA opportunities to further enhance the programs high performance and academic components, and we are always searching for avenues to improve our product.

ISCA is owned, governed and operated by the prestigious International College of Management, Sydney Pty Ltd.