A unique high performance learning experience

So what is it about ISCA that makes the program such a unique experience? It is simply about offering our students a superior experience whilst learning about business, sport management and high performance sport. The innovative blend of training, coaching, learning and mentoring stand ISCA alone from its competitors. Not only do our students learn in the classroom about a contemporary evidence based approach to high performance written by industry experts, but they are also simultaneously able to gain practical hands-on experience in the gym/field with elite coaches and staff.

Our students develop equally from both a practical and academic based approach to learning so that they not only understand the what and the why behind high performance sport, but also how to apply their knowledge. ISCA offers a unique approach with field trips to sports clubs, attendance at sports seminars and summits, as well as industry experience with elite sporting teams from a wide range of sports.

Plus ISCA is not just a college, it is part of the ICMS community. With 1,300 students from more than 40 countries, ISCA sits in the perfect environment for meeting like-minded people who share the same passion and desire for sports as you do.

Unique High Performance component

High Performance is integrated into the ISCA diploma through both an academic and practical hands-on approach. 3 units of High Performance, written by industry experts, are taught in the classroom covering concepts that underpin athletic development, performance, and injury prevention. Students simultaneously study the practical approach to development of high performance sport through athlete screening, testing, monitoring, and programming in the gym/field with elite level coaches and staff.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Our team of experienced and professional coaches, lecturers & mentors are primed to take your athletic and academic development to new heights, utilising the latest sport science methods, guest speakers and innovative case studies from the global sports industry.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our new course has been constructed by sports experts, to meet the requirements of the modern sports industry. ISCA is a perfect fusion of high performance training coupled with sports business principles to create next generation learning.

Fully Accredited by TEQSA

We are a true market leader, offering a Higher Education diploma fully accredited by TEQSA. ISCA is owned, governed and operated by the prestigious International College of Management, Sydney Pty Ltd.

Holistic Athletic Development

The high performance industry is changing rapidly across the world, and ISCA is committed to delivering the very latest strength and conditioning, recovery, coaching, nutrition and sports psychology programs to our students.

Invaluable Industry Training

ISCA offers students opportunities to gain invaluable, real-life experiences at leading sports organisations. This allows students to develop a greater understanding of what working in the sports industry is all about.

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ISCA Scholarships

The 2022 ISCA Scholarship is open to new students commencing the Diploma of Sport Management (High Performance) in February 2022 and awards a tuition waiver up to the value of $15,000. The ISCA Scholarship rewards performance, dedication, passion, community contribution and academia. The ISCA Scholarship represents a professional advantage to your CV and a very valuable endorsement of you as an individual.

If you are a passionate person with lots of energy and interest in the Sports Management world, we believe that you should apply.

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A typical ISCA student day

Screenings and Analysis

Fatigue and injury screening is important to us, so our qualified ISCA physiotherapist completes a rigorous assessment based on movement screening and injury prevention.

Strength and Conditioning

Each student-athlete participates in a training environment which is both fun yet challenging, increasing their overall strength, flexibility & durability while providing the knowledge & skills to self-regulate their own performance.

Field Training

Students participate in a training environment with qualified coaching staff focused on improving their technical, communication & leadership skills, educating, encouraging and motivating them to improve as individual players and as team members.


Provides an opportunity for our ISCA student-athletes to rest, recover and reflect on their morning sessions.


Our innovative and engaging curriculum allows students to learn basic business principles, sport management and high performance principles by utilising the latest case studies, progressive assessments and expert guest speakers to form a unique learning environment.