June 1, 2018

Dr Stephen Burke

Vinoth Kumar

With more than 40 years lecturing & teaching experience in the University, TAFE & secondary school sectors, secondary education, Stephen utilises his education qualifications & skills to motivate students to engage in academic endeavours. Stephen oversaw the Exercise and Sport Science program at ACU for 25 years, working with elite athletes and assisting them with the balance between academic requirements & their sporting commitments.

His experience as a sport scientist has allowed for a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to a successful high performance environment. Stephen has submitted numerous successful applications for research grants, which have led to the publication of more than 50 papers relating to high performance sport, as well as supervising several Masters and PhD students in their research and thesis writing.

An experienced athlete, Stephen has participated in more than 44 marathons and 10 Iron Man triathlons, including the famous Hawaiian Iron Man. His PhD topic centered on the psychological and physiological effects in predicting performance in the Ironman triathlon.