Student Profile: Meet Aidan Carr

Meet Aidan, former ISCA student who has a passion for sport and moved from Wellington in country NSW to Manly, to chase his dream of coaching our future athletes. He studied the Diploma of Sports Management (High Performance) and loves the practical component and learning from industry professionals.


What is your sporting interest?
I have many interests in the world of sport but coaching has to be the number  one passion for me – youth development is the most important aspect of any sport for the future and success of each sporting code.

How long have you been involved in sport?
Since day one.

What is your long term goal in sport?
My long term goal is to be able to provide athletes with guidance and the chance to progress their athletic careers to where they want to go with sport, whether it be overseas or nationally, professionally or semi-professionally.

What excites you the most about a career in sports?
My passion for sport and being able to do what I love.

Who is your sporting idol?
@Lionel Messi

How did you hear about ISCA?
@Universities Admission Centre

What has been the highlight of studying at ISCA?
The training and work placement opportunities, being able to work alongside professionals and learning from professionals in the industry. The opportunities it provides and the high level of practical learning is great.

Where do you hope to be after the completion of the ISCA course?
To have a private coaching business of my own and giving young athletes the chance to travel and experience the industry for themselves.

What’s your current favourite Netflix series to binge watch?
The Witcher.

Which football team do you follow?
EPL: @Liverpool
NRL: @Manly

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not at ISCA or playing sport?
Working and/or training!