November 3, 2022

Former ISCA student Sam Harrianto completes AIF Cert III & IV Fitness – “it’s been a great pathway for me.”

Ian Evans

With the recent launch of the ISCA and AIF partnership, we thought it was a great opportunity to sit down with ISCA alumni, Samuel Harianto who has also recently completed the AIF Cert III & IV.

Sam is currently a personal trainer at Snap Fitness with dreams of working in strength & conditioning at an elite level.

Sam, tell us when you first heard about ISCA?

I first heard about ISCA at a careers expo in my HSC year. At the time I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I graduated until I came to an ISCA Open Day and experienced a day at ISCA for myself. As I continued with my own training and boxing as my sport, I found a passion for wanting to work in the sports industry which drew me to study at ISCA where I could learn in class and in the gym.

What was your favourite aspect of the Diploma?

My favourite aspect of studying at ISCA was getting opportunities to learn practically which made the content I learned in class much easier to understand. Transitioning from classroom to workplace was made smooth by the practical sessions. In this way, my passion for strength & conditioning grew as I experienced it firsthand from the coaches and teachers at ISCA.

Where did you hear about the Australian Institute of Fitness?

I first heard about AIF from a friend of mine. Then I saw that they (AIF) was offering a scholarship with ISCA for the Certificate IV in Fitness at AIF, which would allow me to do personal training. By completing their Certificate IV, I would be able to train people one-on-one which would help with my strength & conditioning pathway as well.

How have ISCA and the AIF combined supported you and your career?

I found AIF’s Certificate IV relative to what I had learned at ISCA, most of the content was really familiar to me which reassured me I was on the right path. Combined, both courses allowed me to start my own business as a personal trainer and fuel my passion for helping others. My journey still has a long way to go and ISCA and AIF have both helped me take those first steps toward the strength & conditioning career I have my sights set on.