June 30, 2022

International Sport College Australia teams up with the Australian Institute of Fitness!

Ian Evans


International Sport College Australia (ISCA) teams up with the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) for exciting new partnership.

ISCA & AIF have teamed up to create further pathways for their respective students, which will enable them to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to successfully launch new careers in the sports industry.

ISCA General Manager, Ian Evans, is thrilled with the new collaboration and the opportunities it will create for their students,

“This is an exciting new partnership for ISCA with industry leader AIF. It will provide our students access to accredited training courses to develop their skills, qualifications, and sense of identity once they have completed their studies with ISCA,”

“Pursuing a career path alongside their chosen sport is important for the development of our students, and we would encourage them to seek pathways once their one-year Diploma of Sport Management (High Performance) concludes at ISCA,” said Mr. Evans.

AIF has helped over 60,000 students get started in new careers and has become the gold standard of fitness and massage qualifications in Australia. Over the past four decades, it has become recognised in the industry for having trained many of Australia’s top fitness professionals, among them, a number of elite athletes re-training for post-competitive careers.

A pioneer in both face-to-face and online fitness education, AIF offers three modes of study across a wide selection of courses, including personal training and fitness coaching. This flexible learning approach will allow our athletes the flexibility to study at a pace that aligns with the commitments in their life, when and where it suits them.

Welcoming the announcement of the new partnership, AIF’s General Manager of National Business Development, Simon McDonald said,

“Joining forces with ISCA to further educate the next generation of sports and fitness professionals, was a no-brainer for AIF. With such clear alignment between the two education providers, we saw an opportunity to guide ISCA graduates into further skill development in the fitness space; opening up their career opportunities and providing a clear pathway to success.

With many ISCA graduates already enrolled in AIF courses this year and gaining our first cross-graduate last month; we are confident in the direction and inevitable success of this partnership and look forward to the positive impact this will have on the industry. ”

At ISCA, providing young athletes with a one-year platform where they can both train & study is essential.  The academic & coaching staff at ISCA, both encourage and motivate their students to prepare for their transition from sport to further education & career development, allowing them access to expert teaching staff, coaches, and sports industry professionals.

“We can see how quite often athletes are consumed by their sport in the later years of their secondary education, and often their academic results do not reflect their abilities,” Mr. Evans said.

“By creating a culture of academic success & helping them balance their sporting commitments with their studies, we are preparing them for further education options in their later years, and we certainly deem the AIF’s fully accredited, nationally recognised courses as highly valuable assets to all of our graduating students.”