June 16, 2018

Why High Performance Matters: Creating a High Performance Platform for Athletes

Braden Woods

What is High Performance?

High Performance Sport means dealing with elite level sport and all its attributes. The primary goal of any sport is to win, and at an elite level, the difference between first and second place can be minute. By conducting an evidence based approach to concepts such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, athlete screening/monitoring, and periodized programming, coaching staff and athletes are able to improve athletic potential and increase their chances of winning to a greater extent.

How is High Performance integrated into the ISCA Diploma of Sports Management?

High Performance is integrated into the ISCA Diploma of Sports Management through both an academic and practical hands-on approach. 3 units of High Performance, written by industry experts, are taught in the classroom covering concepts that underpin athletic development, performance, and injury prevention. Students simultaneously study the practical approach to development of high performance sport through athlete screening, testing, monitoring, and programming in the gym/field with elite level coaches and staff.

How does High Performance help ISCA students?

At the conclusion of the diploma, students will graduate with both an academic and practical knowledge of the development of athletic potential at an elite level through an evidence based approach. They will also gain industry experience and create contacts within the sporting community. By combining a solid understanding of the underlying concepts and how to best apply them in the field with industry experience and contacts within the sporting community, students will fast track their way into the industry with invaluable knowledge, skills, and relationships.