February 7, 2020

ISCA allowed me to study while chasing my rugby aspirations | ISCA Student, Seb Wileman

Ian Evans

ISCA student, 2019 Super Rugby (Queensland Reds) & Warringah Rats rugby player Seb Wileman struggled with traditional university due to sport/study conflict. ISCA allowed him the flexibility to develop both at same time whilst chasing his dreams to become a professional Rugby Union player.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Sebastian Wileman and I play Rugby Union. I struggled with a lot of uni degrees, I found that my sport was always my priority and I struggled to fit my studies in and around it. I’ve played rugby since I was 5 years old so it’s always been a huge part of my life.


I found that most other universities didn’t have as much of a hands on approach and weren’t as flexible in allowing me to chase my dreams.

Why did you choose ISCA?

I chose ISCA because I had studied other things in the past but my rugby was always a bit of a conflict. ISCA made it very easy for me to reconcile my studies with my passion. I found that being able to train as part of your learning was hugely beneficial to me as it allowed me to develop my knowledge around my sport and also my physical development which allowed me to pursue my passion, rugby.


What is it like to have the flexibility of ISCA?

ISCA’s flexibility has been a huge thing for me. This year whilst studying, I’ve lived abroad in New Zealand as well as in Queensland, both on rugby contracts and I couldn’t have continued studying if ISCA wasn’t so helpful in that way of things. They’re very good at keeping me in touch and in the loop with all of the things that I needed to know as well as corresponding with the clubs that I was playing for and organising exams and things like that so that I could continue to chase what I loved doing and continue to get my studies done.


Life after rugby, what do you see yourself doing?

It’s hard to know really! I certainly think sports is going to be a part of my life for a long time, even if I’m not playing, so I’d like to say that I would be in some sort of sports organisation, in what capacity I’m still not sure but I think that’s ok, I just know that that’s the direction my life is going to take.


What advice would you give to people looking to study at ISCA?

Advice I’d give to people looking to study at ISCA, I’d say that if you are someone who is similar to me, really wanting to pursue sports at a high level, I’d certainly say to look into exactly what it is that other universities will offer. I find that most other universities won’t have as much of a hands on approach and won’t be as flexible in allowing you to chase your dreams. So I’d just say do your research with the other universities as I guarantee they wont be as flexible and definitely not as much training involved which is awesome if you’re really into your sport.


Why have you found studying beneficial?

I’ve found studying to be beneficial particularly for me in the sports world, it’s actually allowed me to, it feels like it isn’t study here, it feels like it’s expanding on what I already love. I’ve found studying something that you’re particularly passionate about doesn’t feel as monotonous and has also benefited with me even without having a professional career as such yet, it’s helped me develop my knowledge around training, myself and developing myself.



What did you like most about the small class sizes?

I’d say that having been at another university, in my degree I found that I was rocking up for the lecture and tutorial and then going home. Being in a smaller group that you’re with all the time, and even training together, you do form a deeper connection with them and it becomes a lot more fun because you have people who you can actually call friends and enjoy being around who are going through the same thing as you in regards to their studying.


Is ISCA just for elite athletes, or is it also for everyday people?

ISCA is for all people who have an interest in sport. Even if you are wanting to move towards sports management or physiotherapy, it’s not just geared towards elite athletes.I think if you just have a passion for sport ISCA definitely has something to offer.