September 17, 2019

ISCA Trimester Two 2019 High Performance Wrap Up

Braden Woods

The focus for the ISCA students in trimester 2 was strength and power development to improve athletic performance while introducing some new techniques and styles of training. Week 11 saw the students undertaking another week of testing to track the progress of their athletic development through the same testing protocols implemented in Trimester 1 of the program.


Day 1 of testing

Day 1 of testing began with a functional movement screen before proceeding into strength testing. Although we had some students currently undertaking rehabilitation programs (from pre-existing injuries), the movement screen allowed a new baseline to be established for these individuals, while the other students were able to track their progress in movement efficiency from the previous trimester. They then proceeded to test their upper and lower body strength and strength endurance to establish the extent of athletic development that had occurred over the course of the program.


Day 2 of testing

Day 2 of testing examined the students anthropometric data such as skin folds, height and weight and how this compared to trimester 1. This was particularly important for the injured athletes with their ability to maintain idyllic measurements to aid in a quicker return to play status. The students then tested their lower body power through their vertical jump, and sprint speed using timing gates focusing on both acceleration and top sprint speed.  A 5-0-5 agility test was then used to measure the students change in direction ability, as well as a Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test to examine their aerobic endurance, both providing sport specific measures applicable to the students.



Since the start of the program the students have made significant gains in strength, speed, lower limb power and upper body strength endurance. Overall, on average throughout the cohort that we tested (those that weren’t injured) we saw increases of;

  • Vertical jump by 15.2% (increased lower limb power)
  • 10m sprint times by 3.1% (increased acceleration)
  • 40m sprint times by 1.4% (increased max speed)
  • Change in direction by 4.8% (average across both legs) (increased agility)
  • Yo-yo by 6.7% (increased aerobic endurance)
  • Bench Press by 17.3% (increased upper body strength)
  • Bench Pull by 9.3% (increased upper body strength)
  • Back Squat by 52.3% (increased lower body strength)
  • Chin-up Hold by 65.4% (increased upper body strength endurance)


As seen in the graph below.