October 1, 2019

Meet Aidan Carr, from country kid to outstanding ISCA student

Ian Evans

Avid footballer Aidan Carr may have grown up in the country but has settled in to the coastal lifestyle of Sydney’s Northern Beaches very easily. Born in Wollongong, Aidan grew up in Dubbo and Wellington in outback NSW, where he honed his footballing skills throughout school before joining ISCAs first ever intake in 2019.

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Aidan Carr, originally born in Wollongong but grew up on dirt roads in Wellington in Central West New South Wales. I am currently studying a Diploma of Sports Management (High Performance) at the International Sports College of Australia and have moved from Wellington to Manly since February 2019.

ISCA provided me with more opportunity in the sports industry than I thought possible.


Why did you choose ISCA?
ISCA provided me with more opportunity in the sports industry than I thought possible. ISCA fit exactly right with what I wanted to pursue for building a career in the sports industry. It fit because it is not 100% lecture based, practical application of the content has really helped me excel and further my understanding of both the individual topics and links between between business management, sports industry and athlete performance.


What do you like the most about ISCA?
ISCA is extremely unique as it is not just about learning and writing down lecture based content, but efficiently tracking athletic training and performance as the training and recovery sessions are beyond anything I have experienced before in terms of scientific detail and quality of training and recovery. Another aspect of ISCA is the content learnt at ISCA gives students the tools to step out into the sports industry in a variety of fields from physiotherapy to strength and conditioning to sports marketing and sports administration, ISCA provides a starting block to assist students to venture into any aspect of the sports industry of their choice.


What’s it like being a country student at ISCA?
Coming from the country jumping into city life has been an experience for the better and definitely takes time to adjust, this is because ISCA have been excellent in helping me settle in and grow as an individual, learning life skills as well as ISCA based subjects and areas of study. ISCA has been very helpful and for me has been a necessary step when trying to assimilate into the working world, going straight from high school to ISCA has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Going straight from high school in country NSW to ISCA has been one of the best decisions of my life.


How have you adjusted to living in Sydney from Country NSW?
Adjusting to city life has been an experience I believe most people should experience as it has various and very valuable lessons about the world, not just settling into a new place but understanding how to benefit from opportunities in the city. ISCA has helped me tremendously to not only adjust but prosper in Sydney as the opportunities to grow are endless.


What areas have you most improved the most since coming to ISCA?
ISCA has assisted me in excelling in all aspects of study, the areas I have most improved on is understanding how businesses stay above their competitors and how businesses are run. Aswell as strength training, ISCA has helped me understand all fundamentals of increasing athletic performance through training, recovery, injury prevention and injury management.