December 16, 2019

Not just for elite athletes – ISCA student and aspiring football coach Lizzie Ramsay on why she loves ISCA

Ian Evans

We spoke to ISCA student and aspiring football coach Lizzie Ramsay about her journey with ISCA in 2019.

Why did you choose ISCA?
I took a gap year after school and I really wanted to get into study. I’d been playing football since I was 4 years old at quite a high level over in England and I got badly injured. I was told I shouldn’t be playing anymore so I went over to coaching. ISCA offers me a lot of coaching development and I want to pursue a career there.

What makes ISCA unique?
Studying at ISCA isn’t just like a normal course at uni. You’re not stuck in a classroom all day everyday. You’re outdoors, you’re engaging in physical activity, you get to engage with the rest of your cohort. It offers that balance of indoors, outdoors, practical and theory. You really get to know the people that you’re studying with throughout the year. I’ve made some really good friends.

What was your highlight from the course?
There were many highlights from the course but definitely going away to Melbourne. We got to meet lots of people working in the sports environment – coaches, physios, athletes themselves. It was really good to learn their perspective.

Who is ISCA for?
ISCA is for everyone! I’m not an elite sports person, I still play soccer but I focus more on coaching now. ISCA also offers pathways for physios or if you’re just looking to get into sports management, it’s for everyone.